Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lorenzo Borghese: The Bachelor Prince

Borghese's ancestors include Pope Paul V and Cardinal Scipione Borghese. His family has had an influence on Italian art, helping create St. Peter's Basilica. His family's name can be found throughout buildings in Italy, including the famed Villa Borghese, Rome's largest public park. Though Italian by birth, Borghese claims to only be able to speak "menu Italian." The Bachelor producers reportedly enrolled him in intensive Italian lessons before filming began.
Growing Up: Although Borghese was born in 1972 in Milan, he only lived in Rome and Italy until he was five, when his family moved to Connecticut. He has lived in Manhattan since 1997. Borghese graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, and later received an MBA from Fordham University in New York.
The Family Business: Borghese's ancestors created homemade cosmetics in their Italian gardens. His grandmother, Marcella Borghese created her own cosmetics, the Princess Marcella Borghese Cosmetics Line, which was eventually incorporated into cosmetics giant Revlon then later sold off to a group of Saudi investors in 1991.
The Royal Treatment: When Belle, his black lab, did not respond well to other pet products, Borghese created his own, using all-natural ingredients in the family tradition. In 2003, Borghese started Royal Treatment, a line of luxury pet care products. Today, the company offers nearly 100 products ranging from shampoos and treats to beds and odor removers. The product development office remains in Italy but Borghese works from New Jersey. His products can be purchased from GetRoyalTreatment.com and other outlets.
Borghese believes the key to success is having a good product that stands out from the many other pet products available. As founder and president of the company, he plays a prominent role in the selection of products to be produced. His company says Borghese is very hands-on, reviewing all labels and colors and smelling the products for approval. Future plans for Royal Treatment include expanding into Asia, launching new fragrances, and creating private label products for various pet stores.
Other Ventures: Borghese's entrepreneurial side doesn't stop with pet cosmetics. Borghese is also a managing partner with his father, Francesco Borghese, at GT Partners, a private label Italian cosmetics company. This New Jersey company sells to major department stores. They have nine different cosmetics lines involving skin care treatment and bath and body products from Italy.
Borghese is also a director for Multimedia Exposure, Inc., a company that works with products for television shopping channels. His brother, Scipione (Skip), is the CEO of the company, which serves as an agent for Live and Taped DirecTV worldwide, specializing in television direct marketing, manufacturing and distributing of client products. MME is involved with manufacturing the raw products, managing the sales, and presenting them on air, both in infomercials and on the shopping networks.
Following in the Family Footsteps: Sure, he's a prince, and now a famous prince after his appearance on The Bachelor. But Lorenzo Borghese still remains very active in his companies. All of his Royal Treatment products go through his New Jersey office for approval before hitting the market. Borghese's grandmother started an internationally known cosmetics line, and it's clear Borghese takes after her. Borghese shows that being an entrepreneur doesn't have to involve an entirely new idea – sometimes business success simply involves twisting a familiar business. GT Partners ships cosmetics worldwide. Royal Treatment still creates its recipes in Italy, using natural ingredients much like his ancestors and grandmother. Prince Borghese may be a prince and may be relying on a TV show to find his princess, but he's using his cosmetics history to help create a pet product empire.

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